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Video Texting App Glide Is Going Viral, Now Ranked Just Ahead Of Instagram In App Store


Video chatting app Glide is on a roll of sorts. In recent weeks this mobile messenger for iPhone and Android devices has been climbing the app store charts on both platforms, having gotten as high as #6 overall in the Apple App Store, and #1 in the App Store’s social networking section. Today, the iPhone app is ranked #16 in the U.S., Glide’s top market – just one spot below Instagram, according to AppData’s leaderboards. But on the iPhone App Store on the phone, it has actually bumped Instagram from spot #15 in the U.S.

Glide’s exponential growth appears to have taken off this June, when the viral nature of the app’s invite system began to pay off. The company claims it hasn’t paid for advertisements, or, as Glide Marketing Director Guy Gordon put it, “thank god we haven’t had to spend too much on [user] acquisition – all…

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